Universalstabilisator für Stativhalterung

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  • 【3-Axis Handheld Gimbal】TYCKA Gimbal Stabilizer is an action gimbal stabilizer, perfect for taking selfies, group photos, filming, vlogging and steady tripod shots, work with most of smartphones perfectly. Help you take the cinematic videos or high-quality photos at home or outdoor activities.
  • 【Quick Adjustable by Hand】Holding the trigger and clicking the function button to change your filming angle easily instead of munual operation. Easily find the best shooting angle you need. Giving you a perfect shooting experience.
  • 【Vertical Shooting by Hand Gestures】When you want to take a vertical shooting, you only need to use the hand gesture in the instruction to change the attitude, without turning off gimbal, saving labor cost and time.
  • 【3 Video Shooting Modes】There are 3 shooting modes with different locking feature for you to choose, which can meet your shooting needs in various situations. Ensure that every action or object, whether fast or slow, can be tracked, captured and recorded.
  • 【One-Key Back Original Position】After changing the filming angle, if you are not satisfying or want to return to the original state, you only need push the power button twice and it will go back to the original position automatically instead of changing it by your hand.