Tycka Camera Cleaning Kit

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  • Professional Cleaning Set: 1 x 30ml non-toxic alcohol-free Lens Cleaner Solution, 1 x Hurricane Air Blower, 1 x Lens Cleaning Pen, 1 x Cleaning Brush, 1 x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, 4 x Lens Cleaning Wipes, 1 x 50 Sheets Camera Cleaning Tissue, 1 x Water-reisitant Carry Bag
  • Optically Designed: Non-Toxic Alcohol-Free Formula Camera Lens Cleaner Kits leave zero scratches, streaks or marks after use.
  • Hurricane Air Blower: The improved uni-body blower nozzle will not fall off while blowing a powerful stream of air, it can easily blow away dust and particles from the Camera lenses and sensors.
  • Zero Harm: Extremely fine Microfiber can easily clean the invisible dust, particles and smudges on Cameras and Lens, leaves zero scratches, streaks or marks.
  • Waterproof pencil bag: All the cleaning accessories can be easily stored together and avoid being dirtied; Waterproof design allows you to attach the bag onto your knapsack without worrying about the sudden rain.
  • The package includes:
    1x30ml Eco-Friendly Lens Cleaner Solution
    1xHurricane Air Blower
    1xRetractable Cleaning Brush
    1xLens Cleaning Pen
    1xMicrofiber Cloths
    1xPre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes
    1x50 Sheets Camera Cleaning Tissue
    1xWaterproof pencil bag