Transparent earth string lights

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  • Creating a fantastic ambient: G40 globe light chains for all outdoor/indoor – warming and festive effect for your rooms. Create a vibrant atmosphere for your party with these beautiful globe light bulbs.
  • Fully water-proof. Each string comes with 25 globe lights. The string has end-to-end connections so that you connect up to 3 strings, covering large areas. Total length: 7.62m. Bulb spacing: 30.48 cm. Cable length (at each end): 15.24 cm. Power: 7W per lamp.
  • The cable has a very good quality: The quality of the wires ensures safety during use.
  • Long service life! The string light is connected in parallel, thus if a lamp fails, this does not affect the remaining lamps. When a lamp is broken or removed, the remaining lamps continue to light. If a bulb is broken, it can be replaced.
  • Ideal for general indoor/outdoor lighting. The intelligent design makes this G40 globe string lights more energy efficient and allows mixing up to 3 strands.