Soulhand Pouring Coffee Brewer

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  • ELEGANT *FRESH FLAVOR-All IN ONE:It is a premium Coffee brewer with a modern and elegant look, and also includes everything you need to make a flavorful coffee. A coffee filter without a paper filter keeps the rich fat in the beans, make the coffee more fragrant.
  • DETACHABLE METAL FILTER DESIGN: there is two part of the brewer, the metal coffee filter with glass funnel and coffee pot. The filter part makes the whole brewer full of design sense, very special. It is a cone shape design with a stainless steel stand and more sturdy structure and can be effective fixation and can be separately and use on a mug or other coffee pot.
  • FLOW SPEED CONTROL: Glass Funnel with small hole limiting the flow speed bring a strong taste brew, at the same time the bottom of the glass funnel can block tiny coffee powder (almost none).
  • SIMPLE TO USE: To brew the perfect cup of balance fresh, rich in aroma coffee, just need to slowly pour over the heat water into the filter at the perfect temperature to adjust the flow of water with the optimal for ideal coffee extraction.(Recommend soulhand Gooseneck pour over kettle )
  • BEST GIFT CHOICE: Elegant body and practical design, no matter who receives this product will scream! And you will get it at a very favorable price! If you are worried about choosing gifts for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, etc., believe me, choose soulhand, you will get what you want.