Personalized leather dog collar

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  • "Identify your dog and superb workmanship" A personalized leather dog collar with a name, phone number or address can add safety to your dog, especially for dogs that are easy to lose or get out of control. Through fine stitching and strict quality control, we guarantee the high quality and durability of the dog collar.
  • The "nameplate deep carving" bendable nameplate fits your dog's neck and is more comfortable for the dog you love. Compared with the etching or printing process, the deep carving process can effectively prevent the abrasion of the letter paper after long-term use.
  • Barbie pink, red, purple, lemon yellow, sky blue. Size XS-S-M-L-XL, dog collar width is 1.5-3.0cm, suitable for dogs over 10 pounds. In order to better suit your dog, please refer to the size chart in our picture before ordering (there is a space of about 2 fingers between the neck and the collar).
  • "Dogs that must walk and precautions" The personalized dog collar with a personalized name can prevent pets from accidentally escaping or losing them, and the pet finder can quickly put them back in place through it. Just like pet insurance, it can not only better protect our pets from suffering, but also make us feel comfortable and relaxed
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