Soulhand Manual coffee grinder

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  • MAINTAINING FRESHNESS & FLAVOUR: Ceramic cone burrs are less prone to astringency and odor during the grinding, which can control calories within a certain range, reduce the loss of coffee flavor, and maximize the freshness and flavor of the coffee.
  • UNIQUE LENGTHEN FORDABLE HANDLE DESIGN: We lengthen the coffee grinder’s metal fold-way handle to 3 Folds - our manual coffee grinder could save your effort when grinding beans.
  • PERFECT COARSENESS & UNIFORM OUTPUT: Soulhand manual coffee grinder with 9 click settings can be adjusted from ultrafine to coarse as you like Chemex, French Press, Drip, Pour Over, Cold Brew, Espresso, etc.
  • EXTRA COFFEE BEAN JARS, TOTAL TWO: One more coffee Jar, can put together with the original Manual Coffee Mill. They can match together in one body. Super Portable. Small like a bottle of cola! The handle can be put in the container thus space-saving so that you can carry the handle grinder around easily wherever you go.
  • FULL TRANSPARENT DESIGN & ADJUSTABLE LEVEL: The transparent design makes the grinder lighter. You also can see how the gears work and how the coffee beans turn into powder in your hands etc. Join us, join soulhand and make better coffee.