Car diagnostic scanner engine light inspection tool

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  • Actual display: time sensor data: displays data including engine RPM, calculated load value, coolant temperature, fuel system status, vehicle speed, short-term fuel trim, long-term fuel trim, intake manifold pressure, timing lights, timing advance, intake air temperature, air flow rate, full throttle position, associated short term fuel oxygen / quarterly sensor voltages, and quarters. in
  • Accurate Results - Remove all engine lights instantly. Transform your car into a smart car with this car diagnostic tool using a car code reader.
  • SAVE MONEY: If you like to do the repairs yourself, it will help you fix most car codes, save you a ton of money on diagnostic fees, give you the information of what is wrong with your car before take it to the mechanic, and if your vehicle is ready for emissions testing or not.
  • More Durable: Pass EMC Certification, ROHS Certification and FCC Certification. Helps to read and erase engine light, both generic and manufacturer specific, and instantly shows its meaning (more than 3000 generic code definitions in the database) .Then you can know the status of cars clearly like a man professional.
  • Easy to Use: Bluetooth OBD Scanner for Bluetooth Connection, Works on All 1996 and Later Gasoline Cars. Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices and all OBD 2 protocols, you will have to use a third party app with our scan tool.