Airtight Coffee Canister (16OZ/480G)

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  • UNIQUE GLASS INNER DESIGN:Soulhand Coffee Container has extra glass inner, the inside glass material will make your coffee beans and grounds freshness, give you that wonderful robust coffee smell. It’s separate your coffee beans with the stainless. So your coffee won’t be mixed metal smell and taste. your coffee tastes better than it ever has. amazing the coffee tastes.
  • GERMAN CRAFT CO2 VALVE LASTING FRESHNESS:Soulhand stainless steel coffee storage Co2 one-way exhaust valve uses a German imported exhaust valve that allows freshly roasted coffee beans to self-exhaust CO2, which will squeeze out the original air and make the coffee bean storage full of CO2 to slow the oxidation of coffee beans, thereby reducing the loss of freshness of coffee beans and increasing storage time.
  • HIGHT QUALITY MATERIAL & ZERO-BPA: The airtight Coffee container outside is crafted with premium stainless steel metal, and the built-in glass inner keep your coffee safe from all damaging agents and not produce any unpleasant taste, like stainless steel.
  • DATE TRACKER LOCK FRESH: You can record the coffee purchase date or expiration date using the date tracker setting on the lid.The date numbers will never rub off , keeps things fresh by tracking best before or roasting date.
  • KEEP YOUR FOOD SAFE, FRESH: Very easy to clean. The durable and attractive coffee canister keeps your food well contained and fresh all the time, which perfectly stores your coffee grounds or beans, sugar, flour, and tea, keep your food safe, fresh and full of flavor.