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About Us



To be the world-class Premium Solutions Specialist in e-Commerce

Mission Statement

XCSOURCE, the motivated hardworking team, provides the product with premium value to our online customers including consumers and business partners. With handsome profitability for sustainable growth, we believe in hiring for the potentials, training for the skills, aiming for the growth and sharing for the rewards.

Brand Story

X for Cross, C for Countries. SOURCE for ReSources.
In the reality, our World is divided by countries and nations. We have boundaries and borders, mountains and oceans creating the distance. But, with the power of internet, we can now break down these barriers. In XCSOURCE, we believe the world is one big family. We can across the countries, sharing the resources. By the online business model, we can provide you the cross countries resources to fulfil your cross country needs.
XCSOURCE, your world-class Premium Solutions Specialist in e-Commerce.